Class AmibaFactory<T>

  extended by AmibaFactory<T>
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public abstract class AmibaFactory<T>
extends Object

The factory that the user will configure with configuration options to get an evolution setup The factory uses abstract factory pattern. The default implementation returns an instance that will in turn give default setup. This factory is the starting point if you want to supply custom components like grammars and fitness case loaders. The user can extend the factory and override related methods to return custom implementations of one or more of the following :

  • 1. AmibaFactory iteslf 2. Grammar 3. FitnessCaseLoader
  • The user might want to put all these related implementations in one package and supply it to the framework.

    juber patel

    Constructor Summary
    Method Summary
    abstract  FitnessCaseLoader<T> getFitnessCaseLoader()
    abstract  GeneGrammar<T> getGrammar(List<Character> terminals, Character linkingFunction)
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    Constructor Detail


    public AmibaFactory()
    Method Detail


    public abstract FitnessCaseLoader<T> getFitnessCaseLoader()


    public abstract GeneGrammar<T> getGrammar(List<Character> terminals,
                                              Character linkingFunction)